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We Score You Win. Star Quality. The Best Companies three-star accreditation system measurers employees' levels of fulfilment, motivation and engagement. It's based on the same methods which produce the well-known Sunday Times list of 100 Best Companies to Work For.
The BCI Scale

Each organisation is given a Best Companies Index (BCI) score from 1 to 1000, based on employees' answers to our confidential survey. This score is further distilled to one-, two- or three-Star Status. Those companies which narrowly miss Star Status are listed as Ones to Watch.

How We Score

BCI standards are set in stone; they don't change over time, and they apply equally to organisations of all sizes. And the standards delivered by our accreditation procedure are absolute, reflecting precisely the levels of employee engagement spread across all participating organisations.

What drives employees' engagement with their employers? We've used the information gained from employee surveys to score organisations on each of eight key factors.

Best Companies 8 Factors

To help you identify the factors in which a company does well, we list their top three.